The Strauss wine estate, whose high-quality products are already well known and widely appreciated beyond the region‘s borders, is located in Steinbach, near Gamlitz. The enormous Gamlitzberg is the largest single wine-growing area in southern Styria.

With perfect climate conditions the Strauss vineyards are located on ideal south-facing slopes with optimum soil properties for the grape varieties of the highest quality. These wines are made in to exquisite Gamlitzberg style by the Strauss family.



In plain language: this is one of the best white wine values. To get this level of refinement in this price echelon is amazing. This Welschriesling has a bright, sagey and forest flower nose. The palate is fresh, pure and filled with satisfyingly spicy fruit. A great party wine, pairs well with any spicy dish.

Gelber Muskateller
The bouquet is filled with nuts and lemons. The fruit flavors reappear on your palate. The wine is fermented dry with well-balanced acidity keeping it beautifully focused and alive with lots of fruit on the finish. A wine for many occasions, great as an aperitif or with Asian food.

Pinot Blanc Classic
Tastes like a full-bodied Alsacian Pinot Blanc for half the price. Subtle floral aromas permeate a core of soft pear fruit and fresh acidity, followed by a long smooth finish. Excellent balance and food versatility.

Samling 88 - Scheurebe
Here‘s something very different made from 100% Scheurebe. The Scheurebe grape is a cross of Riesling and Sylvaner developed by Dr. Scheu in the year 1916. As soon as the cork is pulled, rich aromas of peaches and wild flowers leap out of the bottle and fill the room. This leads to ripe peach and stone fruit flavors with excellent acidic structure and a full dry finish. A unique wine to experience, especially if you‘re a fan of Viognier or other „alternate“ varietals.

Sauvignon Blanc Classic
A classic style with full ripe citrus fruit, lemon drop, delicate herbal notes and followed by a clean crisp finish. Perfect warm weather aperitif. Pairs well with chicken, mild cheeses, sautéed seafood and white sauces. Fans of Loire Valley Sauvignon Blancs will enjoy this wine!

Sauvignon Blanc Gamlitzberg
This is one of Strauss’s top wines. The unmistakable aromas of currants, elderberries and bell peppers in the nose reappear on your palate. Supported by a well-focused acidity, this wine leads to a long, lingering finish.